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Unless the tweaks and screen recording applications are fully verified, they wouldn't exist on the menu of the app store.

Exclusive Apps

There's a huge range of popular unofficial apps and tweaks which you wouldn't be getting otherwise at a normal version of the application.

No Jailbreak Required

With Panda Helper VIP, you can download the apps tweaks without having to worry about other aspects.

Cloud Storage

With Panda Helper VIP, you can download free apps without having to store them locally.

Download Panda Helper

Note: You have to make sure that you download the most suited version for your mobile phone. After the download, click on the "install" option. After installation, go to the settings. In General Section, go to Profile and Device Management. Click on the FTX technologies option and click on "Trust" twice. n just to make it sure, you have to do it once again.

Panda Helper VIP

With the VIP version, you will get extra benefits of using Panda Helper. To get extra tweaks you are required to put in an initial one-stop payment. You don't have to worry about fake installers and music applications either since all the apps are pretty much verified here.


I love to experiment with my Apple Devices and Panda Helper opens a wide range of possibilities with its content.

George Naph

Apple Freak

I love Panda Helper VIP! I get all my apps free of cost.

Elliot Greene

College Student

I have used a lot of app stores on my android device but Panda Helper is the best I've found!

Melvin Lamar

Android User


Are there any benefits that you get with Panda Helper VIP?

Panda Helper VIP will provide you apps for free which are actually paid. The normal version of Panda Helper will also do the same but for a limited number of applications. In case of Panda Helper VIP.

What is Panda Bot?

It can best be described as a network which gives preference to the traffic campaigns of members who have more traffic credits. It helps in the growth of various projects for the user which makes its use so very important. It encourages the collaboration and engagement of communities.

What is the cost of Panda Helper VIP?

It comes at a cost of $12.99. You might feel it is a price too much to handle but it comes for a period of an entire year. You get so many benefits with the help of Panda Helper VIP that this cost is going to prove value for money.

Can I cancel my membership before the expiration of the period and get my money back?

No, it is not possible for you to get a refund. You will get the benefits of the VIP version up until the end of one year. There might be changes in the near future regarding the packs that are available with it. You may also get to see one month pack around the corner in the times to come.

What is an emulator supposed to do?

Emulators can best be described as small bits of hardware or software which permits a system whether it is a computer or a mobile to act as some other device. It means that the host can act as a guest with the help of Emulators.

Is the installation process of Panda Helper VIP difficult?

No, the installation process of Panda Helper VIP is pretty easy. You just have to download the application and install it. Then you have to go to settings and allow the application to do its things. There will be no complex situations any further in the process.

Are you required to jailbreak your device in order to install Panda Helper VIP?

You are not necessarily required to jailbreak your device. Especially when you are using the Panda Helper VIP, you will feel much safer. All you have to do is download and install Panda Helper VIP and you can run it without any fuss.