When it comes to the unofficial store for games and applications, Panda Helper stands at the top of the list. It is an app store that is designed specifically for downloading the applications which are either not available on official play stores or you are required to pay for such activities.

It is most beneficial for the gamers out there. They can download the applications which might ask them to pay at any level. It is not just limited to games. There are emulators and screen recorders available here as well. The emulators are quality and can fit into literally anything. The screen recording applications allow you to ensure the best version of recording that one can expect. To add to it, there are certain tweaks available in this store. One of the biggest advantages that you get with Panda Helper VIP is that it is completely safe. You don’t have to worry about going illegal or unsafe at any point. 

With the VIP version, you will get the extra benefits of using Panda Helper. Suppose if you’re finding it difficult to download an application, the app store is going to make it much easier for you. Furthermore, you are going to get extra tweaks that are further going to enhance your experience. You are required to put in initial investment to get the added advantage but it is a one-stop payment and things will certainly change as the time moves ahead in comparison to the normal version of the app. There are going to be several features in addition to the normal bunch which is further going to enhance your experience as the user of this app. You don’t have to worry about fake installers and music applications either since all the apps are pretty much verified here. 


  1. It is a completely safe application. Unless the tweaks and screen recording applications are fully verified, they wouldn’t exist on the menu of the app store. There’s a complete process that takes place before the app is included in the list. 
  2. It cloaks the malware that might exist on the application. So you don’t have to think about viruses in any given app. You can be a hundred percent sure about it.
  3. There’s a huge range of popular unofficial apps and tweaks which you wouldn’t be getting otherwise at a normal version of the application.
  4. With the VIP version, you get updates at a much faster rate. So in case you don’t like waiting for the updates regarding your favorite games and tweaks, you are going to love the VIP version of the app as it doesn’t make you wait at all. 
  5. The VIP version also allows you to get the paid applications free of cost more often than not. Although the case is not going to stay in all the applications, the majority of them will see the benefits getting laid out. 
  6. There are thousands of platforms available here and with the addition of Panda Helper VIP, you get to benefit a lot more. 
  7. You can also make cloud saves with the help of the VIP version. You don’t have to worry about the storage issues in your device. 
  8. Panda Helper VIP doesn’t want you to jailbreak your device. You can download the application and look to install it without having to worry about other aspects. 

Panda Auto Clicker

Panda Auto clicker is supposed to make your tasks simpler. There are certain applications that work in the same manner and take a lot of time before the actual task gets done. Panda Auto clicker helps in such a cause. You can do some other task at the same time while the Panda Auto clicker reaches the point in an application where the actual activity is needed to take place. It mostly happens in games. Some of the games require you a good amount of time before you can actually play them. Panda Auto clicker will take you straight to the point where you can skip the introduction part. 

Panda App Cloner

This is one of the added features to the app store which is specifically meant for the gamers out there. The majority of Panda Helper VIPs are gamers and Panda Helper Nine features you to boost your game. As you would already know, the app store is convenient and safe. It becomes even more so when you do it with the support of the Panda App cloner feature. It ought to make your experience even more worth it than it already is, for the better. 

Panda Bot

Panda Bot is going to be a lot more beneficial in the case of Panda VIP. When you use the normal version of the Panda Helper app store, you are going to see a limited number of applications where Panda Bot is going to help you out. In the case of Panda Helper VIP however, you will get Panda Bot which is going to come to your rescue whenever you want it.