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Flekstore Pro can be referred to as a third-party app installer program. It is quite unusual in comparison to the official iPhone App Store. It is quite comprehensive at the same point in time. Generally, you would be required to jailbreak your phone in order to get an unofficial app to your system. The same is not required in the case of Flekstore as you can use it without jailbreaking the device. There is about 500+ catalog available on Flekstore which makes a wider appeal for it. You can find a whole new group of applications here which you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else, at least not on the official app stores. 

The most popular applications are in the home menu of the application. So you don’t have to search in order to find the application that you need, it might appear in front of you without any fuss. This application is available with a paid version as well. Just in case you want to increase the scope of Flekstore and enter new dimensions, you can pay for it and get a number of additional features with it. It is completely legal and also very simple to use. There wouldn’t be much of a hassle when you start using this app installer program. 

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Features of Flekstore App Installer

  1. It is compatible with all the recent iOS versions which means that you don’t have to downgrade the iOS version of your device. 
  2. The applications provided through Flekstore are pretty safe to use and follow all the concerns that you might have regarding a particular app. 
  3. You don’t have to jailbreak your device in order to install Flekstore on your phone. You can quickly download it to your system through a safe website. 
  4. Most of the applications are made available free of cost. Some of these applications might have required you to pay otherwise, no money is required to be paid when you use Flekstore. 
  5. It has a quality user interface that allows you to be hooked on this application and not skip a beat with it. There’s not a high amount of knowledge required to use this app. 
  6. Flekstore provides you a number of tweaks that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. All these tweaks can prove to be extremely useful for you in the future. 
  7. It comes with regular updates time and again so if there are some problems with one version of the application, you can replace it with an updated one. 

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How to install Flekstore iOS installer?

You can install Flekstore without jailbreaking your device.

  1. You have to open the Safari browser on your iPhone. You will find the official download link on this page. It will take some time before the page is loaded fully and the download option is available.
  2. Once it appears on your screen, you have to click on the download option and it will start downloading. As the download gets completed, you will be required to install Flekstore on your device.
  3. You will be required to put out your passcode if you want to install third-party applications to your phone.
  4. Sometimes, you might get an error while downloading and installing Flekstore. In order to get rid of it, you need to cancel it when you get the untrusted enterprise certificate developer error.
  5. You need to navigate to the apps profile section. You need to go to the Flekstore application here and click on the blue link.
  6. This is when you have to tap on Trust and the error pop-ups will disappear completely. These installation process errors can occur from time to time so you have to be accurate with your decisions! 


Question #1: What is Flekstore? 

Flekstore is a third-party app store meant to download and install such applications and tweaks which are not made available by the official iOS app store. It also makes the paid applications available for free to your device. 

Question #2: Is Flekstore simple to use? 

Its user interface is very smooth which has made it very easy to use for the users. The purpose of creating this app is so that it can be used by everyone. 

Question #3: Where can I download Flekstore? 

Flekstore can be downloaded through the Cydia app store. It will be easily available to you with all its versions and is also a very safe download at the same point in time. 

Question #4: How can I delete Flekstore? 

If you want to delete Flekstore, you need to first go to the settings of your device. Once reached there, you have to go to General and click on the Profile section. You have to tap the profile app and then delete it. In this way, you can remove Flekstore from your device permanently. 

Question #5: What to do when Flekstore is not working on your device? 

You have to go to the settings of iOS. You need to click on the safari option. Once you reach there, you need to clear all the data and clean all history as well. There are high chances that it will start working on your phone. 

Conclusion: Download Flekstore App for iOS

Flekstore is a very quality application that has made its mark amongst the users using it for a long time. There are regular updates that make it very up-to-date with the technology which is bug-free. If you want a great user-interface from a third-party app store, you should not be missing the chance of downloading Flekstore to your iPhone! 

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